Water Bases

This plugin allows you to construct bases on the water! Read about the plugin here: https://lone.design/product/water-bases-rust-plugin/

To build on the water, you need to craft water foundations. Equip and open your Building Plan. You will see two buttons in the bottom right corner that say Craft Water Foundation (Triangle) and Craft Water Foundation (Square). You’ll need wood and frags to craft these foundations. Open your inventory so you can use your mouse to click on these buttons. Make as many foundations as you think you’ll need for the water.

Find a location in the water where you want to build. Keep in mind the tides go up and down and the water foundation does NOT float with the tide. Place one foundation in your quick bar, press the number for that item and press the Fire button to place the water foundation. This is the same process for placing deployables like furnaces and chests.

Next, you will switch back to your building plan and place FLOORS. Do NOT place more water foundations. As you place each floor, one water foundation is used up from your inventory. If you attempt to place a floor without a water foundation, it will not work.

Your foundations can be reinforced by hitting a water foundation with a hammer. You must have a water foundation in your inventory. This allows you to then build down to the bottom of the sea! The screenshot below shows a reenforced water foundation next to a regular water foundation.

Reenforced foundations can also have nets added to them. These nets can capture loot, and even fish! To do this, equip your building plan and select Wall Frame. Line it up with the bottom of the reenforced foundation and you will see the ghost image. Place the Wall Frame. Next, place a net in that frame.

  • Because water foundations are treated as floors with the stability of a foundation, you can place roofs at “ground level”, which is not possible with normal foundations!
  • Similarly, you can leave a “hole” where a water foundation would be and place a floor frame with a hatch instead – now you can enter your base from the bottom, underwater!
  • Reinforcing a water foundation means you’ll be able to build down from the surface to the bottom of the water to create extra layers of protection, or…
  • Nettings deployed in wall frames underwater will collect random junk items with editable loot tables, including fish and diving equipment! This feature is heavily configurable and can even be disabled.

The stability of the water foundation is always 100% and goes down the higher you built. The stability of a reinforcement foundation also starts at 100% and goes down the deeper towards the seafloor you build. All the decaying things (walls, floors, doors etc) will require appropriate upkeep materials in the Tool Cupboard. Structures can be repaired, demolished, upgraded and removed using plugins. Bases can be raided, taken over or left to decay.