Virtual Quarries

Virtual Quarries plugin ( is a large upgrade to quarries in RUST. You can create and place quarry that will dig any type of resource and access them all over the map! VQ’s work as follow:

Buy or craft a quarry and several survey charges. You will need 1 survey charge for each attempt to find the resources you want to mine. Next, type /vq to open the Virtual Quarries menu. Press the + symbol.

On the next page, click on the Search button. One Survey Charge will be used. You may or may not uncover resources. If you are happy with the resources you found, continue to the next step. If not, continue pressing Search until you’ve found what you want or until you are out of Survey Charges. When you found what you want, click on the Place button as seen below.

Once that is done, you’ll be brought to a screen like the one below where you can put fuel in your VQ and start/stop/delete it.

Instanced Quarries, Pumpjacks and the Giant Excavator

Another aspect of VQ is that it allows for instanced quarries, pumpjacks and Giant Excavator. With this enabled, all three of these will be running 24/7. You just have to put in the diesel and the resources will be generated. No one can access anyone else’s fuel or resources. At the Giant Excavator, the resources will appear in both hoppers, so if you take it from one, it’ll be gone from the other. This allows multiple players to run all of these locations without fear of losing their fuel or resources.