Junkyard Event

The event begins with a notification in the chat that soon scavengers will arrive at Junkyard. Next, NPCs appear in the location. A message appears that the scavengers hid a signal grenade in one of the broken cars at the landfill to call for supplies. The player needs to kill all the NPCs and find the rusted car in which the grenade is hidden.

In order to find and activate the signal grenade, use a crane to load rusted cars into a shredder for recycling, it’s bound to be in one of them! The player needs to recycle the rusted cars one by one until he finds the one in which the signal grenade is located in!

After the player recycles the broken car, a plane will fly to the Junkyard location, on board of which there will be a truck with supplies. The plane will drop this truck and it will land in Junkyard via parachute. Once it lands, guards will come out of the truck and guard it. But the truck is closed, it cannot be opened. The player needs to kill these guards to get access to the truck. In order for the player to get access to the crates and the loot within, they need to recycle the truck by using the crane and placing it into the shredder! Next, the crates will travel along the conveyor belt of the shredder and the player will be able to open them.

Gas Station Event

The event begins with a message in chat that there has been a dispute between two waring gangs. One gang has taken members from their rivals hostage. A car chase ensues chase where the rival gang is coming to save or avenge their own!

The chase comes to an explosive end at Oxum’s Gas Station when the car being pursued crashes into the gas pumps! This is the beginning of the event for your players. Both gangs jump out of their vehicles and a shootout immediately ensues! When a player decides to approach, they will have a few choices.

Will they take up arms with the ruthless gang willing to do anything? Will they stand beside the more honorable outlaws? Or will they simply kill both gangs and take all of the loot? The choice, is theirs!

If the player decides to kill the first gang, the second gang will give the player access to their loot room, a bunker inside the basement of the auto repair shop, as a sign of gratitude.

If the player decides to kill the second gang, then the first gang will give access to their hidden stash in the restroom inside the station, to show their appreciation.

If the player decides to just wipe both gangs out, well then they deserve all of the loot! And regardless of what team the player decides to destroy, the chasing vehicle is always left unattended at the end of the event. The player can grab this as a thank you for cleaning up the servers streets! It’s a junker but you can take it for parts, drive to Junkyard to scrap it, or just use it to get home quick and take the parts you want from it.

Arctic Base Event

An event for the Arctic Research Base monument with a plot to rescue both a scientist and a pilot that have been captured by the security group who has been ordered to capture and deal with the attempted sabotage on the Arctic Base.

Welcome to a frosty new adventure in the more recently added Arctic Research Base to so many of our islands! This monument will now have an event with a storyline requiring you and your friends to rescue the Pilot, and the Scientist from their captivity by the Arctic Base security service. You don’t want to know what will happen to these two if you don’t save them!

Our new event begins with a notification (if enabled by default) for players to know that a sabotage is about to take place on the island. There is a plot to come collect biological samples from the burned corpse of one of the recently discovered NPCs, class: Sledge.

The players will soon find out that the sabotage has failed and that two of our team have been taken captive by the Artic Research security team! Players will need to free them both from this no prisoners no hostages situation, and protect the scientist while he finishes his portion of the mission.

Once the Scientist or Pilot are released, snowmobiles will arrive bringing NPCs, tasked simply with killing the Scientist so he will not be able to carry out his task of reverse engineering a way to continue to combat everything they throw at us!

Once the Scientist has completed his task, and the Pilot has been released and has prepped the escape helicopter, their evacuation can take place. The will get into their minicopter and begin their departure. Before you leave and as thanks, the Pilot is going to open up a warehouse full of supplies for you!

Once you reach this point in the event, there are several options with different amounts of loot within the stash. If you are able to protect the Scientist, and they are able to evacuate with the pilot, then we can better find things of value on comms with the team as they leave and the looting will be most efficient!

Be ready, this minicopter is an actual piece of… well it’s Rusty! Let the pilot have some extra time if needed to make sure it is running smoothly before they take off. Here and now the security team will send everything they have at you and your friends. Protect the group from the attacks!

Power Plant Event

The event begins with a chat warning: soon CH47 will get new crates with items for scientists to the Power Plant location. When the time is up, the NPCs guarding this location will appear in the Power Plant zone. Then a water barrel will appear on the top of the central building. A CH47 will fly to this location to get new crates with items. When the CH47 arrives in the Event zone, it will fail to control and crash in a cooling tower of the power plant. All the crates from the CH47 will be on the top of the cooling tower. But they will be in the fire. You need put out the fire to get access to the crates.

It is necessary to activate a fire system to put out the fire. A fire system is on the top of the central building. A Workcart will arrive to the Event area to bring a barrel of water. You need move this water from the Workcart to the empty barrel on the top of the central building. As soon as you do this, you will be able to start the fire system by pressing a button.

When the fire system has activated, the fire in the cooling tower will be out. You will be able to access the crates in the cooling tower. There is a camera in the location for viewing the event. When an event appears, a marker will display on the map. All players in the event area have a timer with countdown to the end of the event


Sputnik is a server event that allows players to contest fallen sputnik satellite fragments that fall around the map. Players will need to battle their way past patrol helicopters, NPCs, turrets, and mines to gain access to loot locked behind keycards that require ‘Space Cards’.

Space Card

A card reader can be placed on any type of sputnik debris. By default, it is activated using a purple “Space Card.” This card reader opens the crates specified in a special section of the config. A custom card can be added to the loot tables of standard crates and crates of this event. It can also be given with the help of a command or sold in the server store. If necessary, the card reader can be removed, and the card can be replaced with any type of standard card.

Airfield Event

A cargo plane makes a low pass over the airfield, dropping off 3 supply drops and 3 hackable crates. NPC’s guard the loot and an attack heli flies in to help them. Destroy the NPC’s, the heli and the heli guards that parachute in when the heli is destroyed, and the loot is yours!

This plugin is not to be confused with the Airfield event where the plane circles the airfield for a while and has a chance of crashing.

Guarded Crate

A plane will fly over the island an drop a hackable crate somewhere on the map. It will be marked. Go there. Kill the scientists, hack the crate. There are different difficulty levels and these guys are no joke so be prepared!

Cobalt Laboratory

Cobalt has built a laboratory on the island. It’s scientists are conducting experiments. Go there. Kill the guards, steal the loot, activate the supply crate, then fight off the additional waves of scientists to win the event!


This plugin is a mini-event where a bunch of NPCs are riding around in a helicopter and after a set amount of time need to land to refuel. When the helicopter lands the NPCs get out of the helicopter, unload some loot boxes and stick around to protect it whilst it is refuelling. Players can choose to attack the helicopter whilst it has landed to score some loot

– NPC’s ride in the helicopter (max to 6)
– Killing all the NPC’s when the helicopter has landed will initiate a self destruct sequence for the helicopter
– Killing all the NPC’s while the helicopter is flying will cause the helicopter to explode mid-air
– NPCs will return to the helicopter once it has refuelled to leave
– NPCs will stay in range of the helicopter to protect it from incoming threats
– Either give default loot when killing NPCs, or drop any, or all, of their current inventory

– Landing zones (LZ) are automatically generated at monuments depending on which monuments you have on your map, and which you have enabled in the config
– The target LZ can either be randomly selected, or the helicopter can pick the closest LZ when it needs to refuel
– LZ’s will become invalid if it is blocked by another vehicle, in which case the helicopter will choose an alternate LZ
– If players are near the LZ the helicopter will attempt to kill them prior to landing

– When the helicopter is landed it will deploy an amount of loot containers (set in config)
– These loot containers can either be default loot, or you can customize their contents in the config
– Loot containers are packed up when the helicopter is preparing to leave the LZ after refuelling


The cargo ship has been hijacked by pirates and is on a collision course with an iceberg!

The cargo ship spawns out past the map edge and will cruise towards the island, where it will strike one of the icebergs around the map. With a glorious explosion the pirates start to move their loot to the iceberg they have landed at. Players are now faced with the task of killing off these pirates to steal their loot, but also, face the risk of other people trying to steal the loot for themselves!

The cargo ship will sink completely releasing mine-able debris at the bottom of the ocean for an even larger payload! You will find loot boxes floating in the water around the ship and maybe some on the iceberg with the pirates. Be careful of entering the cargo ship, as it becomes impossible to exit the doors and stairs once under water!