Box Sorter Light

Box sorter makes housekeeping easier in multiple ways

  • An intuitive interface that is visible while looting boxes allowing players to select its category.
  • The selected category is displayed both by changing the skin of the box and by displaying the category while looting.
  • Two carefully placed buttons enables quick moving of category items and sorting of items already in the container.

Food is always default category for refrigerators and independent of its skin

To use this, first open a box.

Under the box inventory, you’ll see “Box Sorting”. Depending on your UI settings on the server, you may have the Skill Tree XP bar here or the Backpack icon here. I recommend you turn those off with /togglexphud command (Skill Tree) or /backpackgui (Backpacks). The XP bar can be moved to another place on the screen with the /movebar command. To designate a box for one specific category, such as weapons or clothing, click on the respective button. The box will be reskinned to a category specific skin.

You will notice the category name is now in the Box Sorting UI and the box has been reskinned. To move only the items in that category to the box, press the arrow in the top right of the inventory UI, next to the new Sort button. This will put all items of that category into the box. Note: You can manually put anything you want into the box.

You can use the new Sort button to sort the contents of the box or you can use the old Sort button that is in the container’s UI. Both work.

If you use /remove on the box, it loses it’s category, but you can deploy it again and reselect the category. The category can be changed at any time by clicking on the current Category name in the Box Sorting UI.