Dude, Where’s My Base?

So, you logged in today and you woke up a fresh spawn, on the beach. But wait! You logged off last night in your base full of boxes and furnaces! WTF happened!?

Unfortunately, this does happen sometimes. We get support tickets and requests for help from players in this situation from time to time. Hopefully this page will help explain what happened.

A base will be lost under the following conditions:

  1. You were off of the server for at least 9 days. After 9 days, your base is marked as abandoned and becomes raidable. It also begins to decay.
  2. Your TC was accessible and unlocked. If another player can get to your TC and you didn’t lock it, they can authenticate on it and take your stuff. Yes, it’s a PVE server but there are still smacktards out there that will act counter to our PVE beliefs.
  3. A teammate looted your TC and your base decayed.
  4. A teammate called in a personal attack chopper and the chopper destroyed the base, or at least the TC.
  5. You failed to place enough resources in your TC to maintain your base

If you find you have lost your base, please put in a support ticket and we will help you replace some items. Many players are more than willing to donate materials to you. Unfortunately there is no log that we can check to tell for sure what happened to your base.