Luftwaffe Zeppelin Monument

This guide is NOT a complete step by step guide to this monument simply because once you’re inside of the Zeppelin, it’s a maze of corridors that you will need to figure out yourself. I will provide guidance in this post to the best of my ability. Be sure to bring several fuses and a few of each type of key cards.

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After eliminating the first few guards, make your way to this thin black wire and walk on it to the first fuse box.

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This is the first fuse box. Drop the fuse in and run to the control room. You should have already eliminated the guards inside the zeppelin.

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Inside of the control room, near the front, you should see the red card swipe pad. Swipe your red card and head for the blast doors on the other side.

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Make your way through the hallway and find the red button on the right to call the elevator.

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Take the elevator to the top and find the fuse holder, high up on the wall to the right.

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It’s opposite of the security door.

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Roam around until you find a room with overgrown vines. There’s a fuse box up on the wall.

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Open the door directly across from the fuse box and proceed down the cooridor.

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You’ll find a red card reader. Swipe the card and proceed in.

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On the other side of the locked center room you’ll encounter heavies so be ready for them! Once they’re cleared, you’ll be in another room with a lit up green card reader and an unlit blue card reader. Swipe the green card reader and enter that room.

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Inside of that room is a fuse box. Drop a Fuse in there.

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Turn on the bottom switch and activate the top switch. This turns on the blue card reader in the other room.

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Enter the blue room and find the fuse. That’s the fuse for the red door in the center of the room that held the heavies. This is where the motherlode of loot is.

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The red room that you just activated.

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The loot!

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Good luck. You’re going to need it!

Item Puller

Item Puller allows you to pull components from your containers, including your TC. To use, simply double click the item in the crafting menu. This will pull the required ingredients for from the containers that have the components. If it successfully finds all ingredients needed it will then move the items to your inventory, if enough slots are available. If you have autocraft enabled (default is enabled), it will instantly start crafting the selected item for you. If you are missing items it will notify you via a chat message.

Available Commands:

  • /ip – toggles item puller on/off
  • /ip autocraft – toggles autocraft on/off
  • /ip fromtc – toggle tool cupboard pulling on/off
  • /ip settings – shows your current settings

December 21st Survival Update

In January 2021, almost 3 years ago, I put my Rust server online. I designed it after a popular PVE community’s servers because I liked the way they had everything set up, but with the number of slots they ran and the presence of mega Amazon Fulfillment Centers that players built, their servers were always soooo laggy for me. Since I’ve been running game servers for many different games since 2004, I set out to host the best Rust server I could. Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about running a Rust server. I’ve played with many configurations and plugins. I’ve made many changes. Some were welcomed, some were not. I will always keep in mind that the most verbal players are the ones that don’t like the changes while the majority, who support the changes, remain silent. Therefore I am prepared to receive criticism and predictions of the demise of the server when changes are made. 

Many of the configurations and plugins, especially in the beginning, were added without thought to how they would affect the overall vibe of the server. I never desired to have a “Build Server” type of server, but unfortunately, some aspects of our server have lent themselves more towards that style rather than true PVE. I’m always working to balance a more PVE style with the flexibility of allowing players to play how they wish, but since the intention of the server is to be PVE and not Build, some changes are necessary. With that said, the update follows….

Greetings all. Here we are, another wipe approaching and another update status, but this one has some significant changes!

Skill Tree

The first step in extending the playability of the wipe is to slow down skill progression. This will be achieved by reducing the number of skill points earned for each level to the default/vanilla rate of 1 point per level. Earlier this year we bumped it up to 2 points per level. The maximum number of skill points that can be spent is being lowered from 200 to 150, so you’ll need to be more selective in where you spend your skill points. The cost to respec skill points is being increased from 30 scrap per point to 50 scrap per point because honestly, if you’re respecing points, chances are you have a significant surplus of scrap. To balance out these changes, Skill Tree will only be wiped every 3 months. You’ll have plenty of time to earn points and to respec your skills. After tomorrow’s server wipe, the next XP wipe will come on March 21st. With the extra time to work on your Skill Tree, this will give you the opportunity to try different configurations of skills to better suit your game play.

Injuries and Diseases

I am adding the Injuries and Diseases plugin. This will give you a chance to get a number of sicknesses including food poisoning (greater chance if you eat raw food), tape work, rabies (which is incurable on the Rust island), concussion, broken leg and (eventually) a virus from the zombies (This is still a work in progress). The illness from the zombies will be curable with the Health Injector, which can be found in medical loot. You can read about the plugin here:


The “Oregon Land of the Dead” map includes a custom plugin only available with that map. Since I own that map, I own the plugin too. This plugin introduces 4 injectors, which are reskinned medical syringes. When used, they boost scrap or resource collection, give you more strength when attacking or increase your maximum health and the one that increases your maximum health will be the one that will cure the disease you get from zombies. These items have a chance to be found in loot containers.

Food changes

The food loot has been edited so that the more hunger/thirst an item provides, the lower the chance of finding it. There are also new items that can be found in those food containers including rotten apples and rotten chicken, both of which have a good chance of making you sick but if not, they will increase your health. You may also find empty cans in the food containers. The amount of naturally growing food has been reduced so farming and hunting will be more important. Lastly, food that normally would need to be refrigerated, like berries, raw and cooked food, etc, will need to be put into a refrigerator. You will not be able to put them into regular boxes. Food such as canned items can still be placed in boxes. This will help make fridges more than just a decorative item.


Loot will be reduced to vanilla levels. No more 2X/4X. Over the next couple of weeks, I will be carefully looking over all loot containers to see if additional changes should be made to what spawns in them. I’m using Alpha Loot now, which is a very powerful loot editor. It allowed me to remove two plugins, Extra Loot and Magic Loot. I can now place custom items into Alpha Loot instead. I’m also working with the Spawn Control plugin to  further tweak loot spawns. This is an ongoing process.

Spawnable Vehicle changes

With the exception of minis/scrap helis, the ability to spawn vehicles/horses will be removed. This will also help us move away from the “Build Server” style by requiring players to grind for their transportation each wipe. If you had any spawnable vehicles besides the mini or scrap heli, please submit a support ticket and we’ll refund what you spent on those vehicles.

Zombie changes

The biome zombie spawns have been disabled. Zombies will only spawn at monuments. They will spawn in greater numbers, spread out over a larger area. They have increased health but can be killed with a headshot from certain weapons. The exception to this is zombies wearing head armor and the Frankenstein zombies. Those generally require several headshots. The zombies will move slightly slower.

The map for the next two weeks is Lapland, a Christmas themed map, as decided by your voting! Expect the server to go offline between 12pm and 1pm EST tomorrow, Thursday December 21st so that I may prepare the changes. The server will be available for all at 2pm EST. If you see it online before that and before I’ve posted that it’s open to all, it will be protected by a whitelist.

Drug Business

The Drug Business plugin allows players to buy Weed and Coca seeds, which can then be planted and grown by the player. To buy the seeds, the player has to find a VPN. They can be found from various loot sources. Once you have a VPN, put it in your hotbar, go to any computer terminal and sit down. The drug purchase screen will open up. Seeds are purchased with eco coins.

Click on the Order button for the seeds you want. To see where the dealer is that buys the drugs, click on Locate. The dealer is ONLY active from 9pm until 5am. Afterall, drug dealing isn’t something to be done in the daylight!

Once you’ve clicked on order, you can change the quantity on the next screen by clicking on the number in the Quantity column and typing in the new quantity. Click on Purchase to buy the seeds.

You will then get a notification that the seeds are on their way. They will be delivered by drone and will be dropped directly onto your computer desk. If your computer is inside, the seeds will be dropped on the roof above the computer. It is recommended that if your computer is inside, that you go outside and watch for the done. The package will look like a wrapped package. Open the package and your seeds will be inside.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have trees/powerlines or other obstructions above your base, this may interfere with the delivery of your seeds. You may want to have a dedicated outdoor computer station for the delivery of the seeds.

Once you’ve grown the plants, go to a T3 Workbench to process Weed and type /process.

To process Coca leaves into Cocaine, you need to go to a mixing table and type /process.

Once you’ve crafted your drugs, go to the dealer between the hours of 9pm and 5am (See the note above about using “Locate”). Once at the dealer, interact with him (Don’t worry about the “Invite” prompt. It’s a Rust thing) to sell your weed or cocaine.

A new domain name and a partial rebranding!

It’s a known fact that shorter domain names are preferred. It’s easier for users to remember and just looks better. A shorter community name allows for more information in a game server name, which, if you’ve been playing online games for any length of time, you know it’s an important place to highlight your server’s most desirable server features!

So, with that in mind, I have registered (Short for Rusty Old Gamers – Duh!). The new domain can be used immediately and will forward to The old domain will remain registered until it’s current period ends. All subdomains, such as or donate. should seamlessly forward to the new domain. Due to the way domain changes propagate through the internet, it IS possible some of you may have some temporary issues accessing the website. I wouldn’t expect that to last more than 2 days at the most. If you get any messages about out website being unsecure, you can safely ignore that. If you go to any URLs and it doesn’t display properly, just change it to

The servers will have their names shortened to identify as “RustyOG” servers soon. Don’t worry. It’s the same old servers with a shorter name!

Comparing our Rust servers

We have two different Rust servers. One is a Biweekly wipe server and the other is a Monthly wipe server. While sharing many of the same plugins, these two servers are different playstyles. I will attempt to give a good comparison of these servers below.

VIP/Economics/In-Game Shop

Our Biweekly server is set up to give VIP access. Anyone who donates gets VIP status and coins to use in the in-game shop. The coins never wipe or expire. Killing zombies, completing monuments, destroying Bradley, etc all gives economics coins. There are various other ways to get coins each month and even daily. These coins can be used in the in-game shop accessed with the /shop command. VIP gives certain perks to players. Those perks are explained in Discord.

The Monthly server has no VIP. Everyone is on even footing on the server. There’s no shop so the economics is player driven. If you want an item, you must loot it, craft it, buy it from a vendor/vending machine or from a player.

Spawnable Vehices

On the Biweekly server, using economics coins, you can buy vehicles that can be spawned. They can be spawned and despawned as needed and never use any fuel.

The Monthly server doesn’t have spawnable vehicles. To get around on the server, you’ll need to buy or build your vehicles.

Recycler Crafting

Players can craft recyclers on both servers. However, only VIP’s or members of the Steam group can craft recyclers on the Biweekly server. Anyone can craft a recycler (with the proper materials) on the Monthly server. The recycler can be placed anywhere normal base items can be placed.

Custom Helicopter Tiers/Personal Heli

Both servers allow players to call in a personal attack heli that they can fight. On the Biweekly server, this is done in the server shop. You can call in a heli using either economics or scrap. On the Monthly server, the heli is called in at the Air Traffic Controller NPC at the airfield and obviously you can only use scrap to buy it.

Instant Crafting

On the Biweekly, all crafting is instant. On the Monthly server, it’s vanilla crafting speed. The advantage to this on the Monthly server is that you can use the Skill Tree perks to alter the crafting speed.


Non-linked players on both servers only get 2 rows in their backpacks. Linked players get 5 rows in their backpacks on the Biweekly server and 7 rows on the Monthly server. VIP’s get 7 rows on the Biweekly server. Backpacks are wiped every map change.

Base Utility

The Base Utility plugin allows players to select a building skin for their base blocks, allows them to upgrade their base and repair their base, all from their TC. Only VIP players can do this on the Biweekly server. All linked players can do this on the Monthly server.

Maps and wipes

We wipe the Biweekly server on the first and third Thursdays of each month. When there are 5 Thursdays, we also wipe on the fifth Thursday. BP’s wipe on the first Thursday and Skill Tree wipes on the third Thursday. Nothing other than the map wipes on the fifth Thursday. BP’s and Skill tree are wiped on the first Thursday on the Monthly server.

The Biweekly server typically runs procedurally generated maps, most of the time with some customization. On occasion, a custom map will be run. The Monthly server runs smaller custom maps.


The Biweekly server is designed to be our flagship Rust server. It’s generally easier to play on and allows for faster progression and building. The Monthly server is configured to be a slower pace, closer to vanilla experience.

NPC Raiders

The NPC Raiders plugins allows players to have their base raided by NPC’s. The NPC’s will get progressively harder with every wave. If they destroy your TC, they are finished.

NPC Raiders commands:

/raidme – Will show raid help menu.
/raidme buy – Will show raid buy help menu and costs.
/raidme buy <type> – To start raid of the type.

Additional information including videos can be found on the plugin page:

September 7th Rust update!

The Rust update is upon us! On Thursday, September 7th, at 2pm EST, Facepunch will release another Rust update. This update has lots of cool new features, which you can read about elsewhere because this post is about the ROG server!

First and foremost, shit’s gonna break! There have been changes to Rust that require plugin devs update their plugins. I will do my best to track the plugins that need updating. Some features simply may not be available on wipe day because of this. Please check Discord periodically for updates!

The server will be taken offline around 1pm on Thursday so that I can prepare the server. I already have several plugins that have available updates that need to be applied. Once the server update and Oxide update is released, the server will be put back online. If you see it online prior to any announcement, it will be secured with a whitelist and you will be unable to spawn in.

This wipe’s map is an edited procedurally generated map. It contains some custom things like the Cobalt HQ, a police station and a combined Outpost and Bandit Camp! There’s no Bandit Camp on the map because of this combination but all vendors are available. There’s also a water based safezone with fishing stuff and some vending machines for other items. 

I’ve reworked the zombies as well. At the gas stations and supermarkets, you’ll find the lower end zombies with melee weapons only. These zombies also have less health than the other zombies. Some may be carrying smoke and/or flash grenades. At the other monuments, you’ll find the more challenging zombies. Some even carry pipe shotguns or bows and arrows. At Satellite and Power Plant, there are NPC’s with pistols. The Satellite NPC’s are wearing space suits and the Power Plant NPC’s are wearing hazmat suits.

So that’s it from this side of things! Have a fun wipe!

Base Utility/Building Skins/Base Grades

This guide covers three different plugins that are all linked together.

Base Utility

This plugin plugin provides two features. First is a Base Upgrade function. By opening the TC, you will see an Upgrade button. Click on it and choose what you want to upgrade your entire base to. The resources are taken directly from your TC. If you click on the Skin button, you can choose a default skin that will be applied when you upgrade your base.

Building Skins

This plugin integrates with the Base Utility plugin as shown above. It also allows a player to upgrade any base parts to any of the DLC building skins by using the hammer. Just equip the hammer, right click while looking at the base part to upgrade and use the Q and E keys to select the building skin you want to use.

Base Grades

Base Grades lets you automatically place building parts at a certain level, for example, while placing foundations, you can have it automatically place stone foundations.

To do this, you issue the command /bgrade 1/2/3/4. Each number represents a level:

  1. Wood
  2. Stone
  3. Metal
  4. Armor

ie: /bgrade 3 would allow you to build Metal parts.

You must have enough wood plus the materials to upgrade to in order to upgrade automatically while building. So, to build stone foundations, you would need both wood and stone in your inventory.

Bog Water Fortress

The Bog Water Fortress is an old fort protected by NPC’s. Loot is behind doors requiring a red key card.

Go to the second floor and find the on/off switch. Turn it on and then swipe the red card in the box next to it. The doors downstairs will open!