Donation Information

Donation Website:

Your donations are important to keeping the community alive! Our monthly expenses include the dedicated server ($175), Rustadmin ($17), CF Tools – The rcon tool for the DayZ server ($8) and a Patreon donation for Rust Edit Pro – The tool I use to edit our maps. We have our quarterly web hosting ($43.07). Our yearly expenses are domain registration ($15), domain privacy ($5) and our SSL certificate which is needed to keep your personal information safe when donating ($42). Our Scum server has to be hosted separately, as only approved game server hosts can run the servers and that costs around $27 a month. So, our monthly expenses are nearly $250 per month. These totals do NOT take into account the fees taken by PayPal, Stripe and Tip4Serv because those vary depending on how much is donated.

Our Rust players can enjoy some extra perks when donating thanks to an automated donation system that assigns Discord roles and in-game groups. When you donate as a Rust player, you receive coins that can be used in the in-game shop. There’s also perks that are gained. These perks can be read about in the Discord server.

Rust players that wish to donate are asked to visit our donation Tip4Server website. Tip4serv provides the complete hosting and interface to our Discord and Rust servers and for that service, they take a small fee of every transaction. You can donate here:

If you decide to donate for DayZ, your donation will be used to keep our dedicated server running. This dedicated server is where the DayZ server is run. We can not give you anything in-game for donating due to rules for DayZ servers.

DayZ players that wish to donate can also donate through the same page as the Rust players. Just click on the DayZ tab.

Thank you for taking the time to read about donations and why they matter!

Our Scum server is hosted with Ping Perfect, so that’s an additional cost separate from our dedicated server. Just like DayZ, we can’t offer anything extra for donating, but your money will ensure the server remains online.

You can donate at