Epic Loot

Epic Loot is a plugin that adds additional loot potential to loot crates, NPC corpses, barrels and crafting. There is a configurable chance that an enhanced piece with varying set types and modifiers will appear in a loot crate, barrel or corpse. Players also have a chance to receive an enhanced version of their crafted items, rather than the plain old vanilla armor/weapon/tool. Wearing more than 1 of the same type of item will provide the user with a set bonus. Depending on the set type, they may get access to higher mining yields, more damage to scientists or even access to exclusive loot tables that proc while gathering.

Epic Loot UI

You can open the Epic Loot UI by typing /el. If you have an Epic item equipped, this UI will tell you the bonus/buff you get from the items. In the UI you can also salvage Epic items for Epic Loot or you can enhance regular items so they become Epic items if you have Epic loot. This UI also allows you to recycle Epic items to receive Epic loot and you can also enchant regular items with Epic loot using this UI.

A list of set types and bonuses can be found on the plugin page