Drug Business

The Drug Business plugin allows players to buy Weed and Coca seeds, which can then be planted and grown by the player. To buy the seeds, the player has to find a VPN. They can be found from various loot sources. Once you have a VPN, put it in your hotbar, go to any computer terminal and sit down. The drug purchase screen will open up. Seeds are purchased with eco coins.

Click on the Order button for the seeds you want. To see where the dealer is that buys the drugs, click on Locate. The dealer is ONLY active from 9pm until 5am. Afterall, drug dealing isn’t something to be done in the daylight!

Once you’ve clicked on order, you can change the quantity on the next screen by clicking on the number in the Quantity column and typing in the new quantity. Click on Purchase to buy the seeds.

You will then get a notification that the seeds are on their way. They will be delivered by drone and will be dropped directly onto your computer desk. If your computer is inside, the seeds will be dropped on the roof above the computer. It is recommended that if your computer is inside, that you go outside and watch for the done. The package will look like a wrapped package. Open the package and your seeds will be inside.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have trees/powerlines or other obstructions above your base, this may interfere with the delivery of your seeds. You may want to have a dedicated outdoor computer station for the delivery of the seeds.

Once you’ve grown the plants, go to a T3 Workbench to process Weed and type /process.

To process Coca leaves into Cocaine, you need to go to a mixing table and type /process.

Once you’ve crafted your drugs, go to the dealer between the hours of 9pm and 5am (See the note above about using “Locate”). Once at the dealer, interact with him (Don’t worry about the “Invite” prompt. It’s a Rust thing) to sell your weed or cocaine.