Server Rules

• Any form of cheating or griefing will result in permanent ban without possibility to appeal.
• Playing with cheaters/ban evaders may result in a ban.
• Taking advantage of exploits knowingly without reporting them can result in a ban.
• Do not authenticate on someone’s TC without their permission even if they leave it unlocked.
• Do not steal from other players. This includes airdrops, heli crashes, etc.
• No pornographic images on the signs/photo frames. Images may be removed by an admin if needed.
• If someone else is doing an event, ask permission to join them.
• Before doing a monument, make sure no one else is doing it.
• Do not loot containers that are part of an event if you didn’t clear the event.
• Do not build TC’s for the express purpose of preventing others from building or to claim future building locations.
• If a player mistakenly leaves a TC unlocked, do NOT authenticate on it.

To clarify the second from the last rule. If you place a single twig foundation and a TC, it’ll be assumed you are claiming an area and your TC will be removed. If you want to build somewhere, at least put some effort to start building a base. Moderators will remove any foundations and TC’s found to have been placed 24 hours or more prior if there’s no evidence of building.