Rusty Old Gamers

The Rusty Old Gamers community was launched in January 2021 by BetterDeadThanZed, founder of the Killin ZedZ community, which ran ArmA 2 DayZ mod, ArmA 3 Epoch and Arma 3 Exile servers for many years. Initially branded as the Rusty Old Men community, it quickly became apparent that we had many female players, so we rebranded to Rusty Old Gamers. Our community vibe is a place for older gamers who are sick of toxic atmospheres prevalent in pure PVP games and servers.

Rust PVE Zombie Rust Servers

The Rust Old Gamers PVE Biweekly server is our flagship server, being the original server for the community. It started off as a small server with only a few plugins to a highly customized server running around 200 plugins. It’s a wonderful PVE Experience, a beacon in a sea of PVP Rust server. Our latest Rust server is an old west themed one running Frontier: American Old West. It wipes monthly and is in constant development, with new features added to the map.

DayZ Namalsk Survival Server

Our DayZ runs the most brutal map there is – Namalsk. We’ve added Expansion on the server and we’ve got custom traders and quests. The mods on the DayZ server have been selected and configured to give a tailored experience for even the most experienced DayZ players. This server is mostly PVE with PVP zones.