Grid Power

Draw electricity straight from the Power Grid in Rust – on any map, be it a procedurally generated or a custom one! Ladder up the Power line Poles to upgrade their Transformers with components like Root Combiners (to replace missing/stolen/destroyed outlets that you plug into)  and Tech Trash (to permanently upgrade power output level, up to a configurable point). Maintain the service with long-lasting Fuses. But most importantly, protect your precious part of the grid from vandalism, theft and sabotage that will inevitably come from those jealous players!  Whatever you do, just be careful up there… high voltage happens to be highly dangerous. Always wear protective gear (like a hazmat suit) and don’t touch the wires while they’re live! As a bonus, this plugin also improves vanilla visuals with realistically hanging wires / hoses / Xmas lights, the slack of which (how loose they appear to be hanging) can be adjusted while placing. And this feature is completely optional, too. Goodbye, straight lines that look like steel rods – hello, actual laws of physics!

On our server, the settings have been made so that you can use 1 fuse for the entire wipe. No need to keep going up there to swap out fuses. The pole does NOT have to be within range of your TC. When you go to place the ladders on the pole to climb it, they will appear red, but you CAN place the ladders.

The power only works from 8am to 6pm. You can use the power to charge up batteries or to directly provide electricity to items.

A complete guide to using this can be found on the Grid Power plugin page at Lone Design: