This plugin adds a large variety of ingredients, recipes, and effects to the server. Ingredients can be found from hitting nodes, to cutting to trees to picking hemp, corn, and potatoes. These ingredients have their own skins and names and are part of the many recipes included with this plugin.


There are over 40 recipes that come with the default configuration. Each recipe has a list of up to 10 different ingredients and will provide one of 37 unique buffs for a configurable duration.


The plugin comes with over 35 unique ingredients, and also includes some of the default items in rust. All non-default ingredients can be found from 19 different sources including cutting trees, mining nodes, collecting hemp etc.

Gathering Items

There are 19 unique sources that ingredients can be obtained from cutting trees to collecting pumpkins. The chances for each ingredient drop are based on the interaction with that source.

Farmers market

The Farmers Market is an in-built market that allows players to buy and sell ingredients for scrap or economics. By default, the markets stocks will start at 0, and will only increase as players sell their unwanted ingredients to it. The market can be accessed by typing in /market.

Selling food items in a vending machine

Drop the food or ingredient you want to sell, take note of what item it identifies as when its on the ground (i.e: Blood is most ingredients, some are spoiled chicken, most meals are cooked fish or other meats)

Place the ingredient or meal you want to sell in the machine, then set a sell order for what it identifies as when you drop it. The machine will list the first item it finds to identify that way, so you cannot sell different meals/ingredients of the same “Type” in one machine (only 1 item that shows as blood, 1 as cooked fish, etc etc).

In person, you will see the icon of the cooking 2.0 food, from a drone, it will look like cooked fish/blood/etc. I have tested buying it in person and from a drone and both deliver the correct food mod item so long as its showing the modded food icon when you check the machine in person.