Arctic Base Event

An event for the Arctic Research Base monument with a plot to rescue both a scientist and a pilot that have been captured by the security group who has been ordered to capture and deal with the attempted sabotage on the Arctic Base.

Welcome to a frosty new adventure in the more recently added Arctic Research Base to so many of our islands! This monument will now have an event with a storyline requiring you and your friends to rescue the Pilot, and the Scientist from their captivity by the Arctic Base security service. You don’t want to know what will happen to these two if you don’t save them!

Our new event begins with a notification (if enabled by default) for players to know that a sabotage is about to take place on the island. There is a plot to come collect biological samples from the burned corpse of one of the recently discovered NPCs, class: Sledge.

The players will soon find out that the sabotage has failed and that two of our team have been taken captive by the Artic Research security team! Players will need to free them both from this no prisoners no hostages situation, and protect the scientist while he finishes his portion of the mission.

Once the Scientist or Pilot are released, snowmobiles will arrive bringing NPCs, tasked simply with killing the Scientist so he will not be able to carry out his task of reverse engineering a way to continue to combat everything they throw at us!

Once the Scientist has completed his task, and the Pilot has been released and has prepped the escape helicopter, their evacuation can take place. The will get into their minicopter and begin their departure. Before you leave and as thanks, the Pilot is going to open up a warehouse full of supplies for you!

Once you reach this point in the event, there are several options with different amounts of loot within the stash. If you are able to protect the Scientist, and they are able to evacuate with the pilot, then we can better find things of value on comms with the team as they leave and the looting will be most efficient!

Be ready, this minicopter is an actual piece of… well it’s Rusty! Let the pilot have some extra time if needed to make sure it is running smoothly before they take off. Here and now the security team will send everything they have at you and your friends. Protect the group from the attacks!