Loot Offers

We now have a Loot Offers site! Loot Offers generates revenue for the community when users complete surveys and offers on the Loot Offers website.

To get started, go here: https://lootoffers.rustyog.net

While completing surveys and offers, you will earn coins. These coins can cashed out and the funds sent to your PayPal account, Steam, the banditcamp.com website or they can be used to purchase items from the RustyOG Loot Offers store: https://lootoffers.gg/store/rustyog


When you use the affiliate link (https://lootoffers.rustyog.net), every offer and survey you complete earns us cash. Also, when you buy something in our Loot Offers store, we earn a commission there as well.

So, why not get started earning easy money now?! Go to the website, do surveys and complete offers, at no expense to you, and you will earn coins and the community will earn income for our expenses! As of now, you can purchase VIP for like and coins plus 30 days of VIP!

This website was created by Lone, from Lone Design, one of the premere Rust plugins, maps and monument websites. It is set up to automatically send commands to our Rust server when you purchase an offer on our Loot Offers page so your purchases are automatic!