Deployable Zipline

To deploy a zipline, a player must first obtain a Zipline Tool and some Zipline Cable. By default, the Zipline Tool is a crossbow with a custom skin, and Zipline Cable is rope with a custom skin. Once acquired, the player must shoot the crossbow where they want to start the zipline, then shoot again where they want to end the zipline (no arrows needed). Once the zipline has been deployed, players can ride it just like the vanilla ziplines, by looking up at the top of the start point and interacting with the “Use Zipline” prompt.

  • /zipline buy — Purchases a Zipline Tool. Costs 100 scrap.
  • /zipline buycable <amount> — Purchases Zipline Cable.
  • /zipline toggle — Enables or disables bidirectional mode for ziplines you deploy after running this command. Alternatively, you can press MMB (middle mouse button) while wielding a Zipline Tool. To use this command, you must have permission to a Zipline Tool profile that allows bidirectional ziplines.