Mid-June 2023 Server Update

Tomorrow, Thursday, June 15th, we have our middle of the month wipe. Blueprints will not wipe, but skill tree XP will wipe. We’ll have a new map, another customized proc gen map. You may have already seen some of the screenshots from the Map Update Preview channel in Discord. For those that have been around for a while, you will be happy to know that our favorite off-his-rocker prepper, Crazy Bob will return with his bunker. His bunker won’t be marked, but if you find him, kill him and you can access his bunker of loot!

At the harbors, you’ll find some new barges floating. These give more loot opportunities while changing things up a little. The Launch site has some nefarious experiments going on inside and it seems that the Cobalt company is bringing some odd equipment into the airfield as well. As you drive around the map, you may encounter new roadside monuments as well.

There’s a cargo ship stuck in the ice. Scientists are keeping it safe until the spring thaw. The bridge is protected by a blue card puzzle. There’s lots of loot to be gotten so go check it out! There’s a motel in the desert with a green card door on the motel office. That must be where they keep the good stuff. In the winter biome, you’ll find a Christmas house. Nothing too special there, just some loot and holiday cheer.

Our events will be determined while I’m updating the server. The wipe will take place at 4pm EST, two hours later than normal due to an appointment I have. Once I’m home and ready to work, I’ll stop the server and do the update. Once it’s ready, it’ll be online for all to play, even if it’s before 4pm. As of this writing, I have no plans to introduce anything new and revolutionary to the server.

An important note: This month has FIVE Thursdays. That means that we’ll be having a 1 week wipe from June 29th to July 6th. No BP’s or Skill XP will be wiped for that one week. I will choose a custom map to be run during that time. I will be traveling in July during our mid-month wipe, so that wipe may be delayed or even done a day late but that’ll be addressed when it gets closer.

That’s it for this update! See on the server!