Comparing our Rust servers

We have two different Rust servers. One is a Biweekly wipe server and the other is a Monthly wipe server. While sharing many of the same plugins, these two servers are different playstyles. I will attempt to give a good comparison of these servers below.

VIP/Economics/In-Game Shop

Our Biweekly server is set up to give VIP access. Anyone who donates gets VIP status and coins to use in the in-game shop. The coins never wipe or expire. Killing zombies, completing monuments, destroying Bradley, etc all gives economics coins. There are various other ways to get coins each month and even daily. These coins can be used in the in-game shop accessed with the /shop command. VIP gives certain perks to players. Those perks are explained in Discord.

The Monthly server has no VIP. Everyone is on even footing on the server. There’s no shop so the economics is player driven. If you want an item, you must loot it, craft it, buy it from a vendor/vending machine or from a player.

Spawnable Vehices

On the Biweekly server, using economics coins, you can buy vehicles that can be spawned. They can be spawned and despawned as needed and never use any fuel.

The Monthly server doesn’t have spawnable vehicles. To get around on the server, you’ll need to buy or build your vehicles.

Recycler Crafting

Players can craft recyclers on both servers. However, only VIP’s or members of the Steam group can craft recyclers on the Biweekly server. Anyone can craft a recycler (with the proper materials) on the Monthly server. The recycler can be placed anywhere normal base items can be placed.

Custom Helicopter Tiers/Personal Heli

Both servers allow players to call in a personal attack heli that they can fight. On the Biweekly server, this is done in the server shop. You can call in a heli using either economics or scrap. On the Monthly server, the heli is called in at the Air Traffic Controller NPC at the airfield and obviously you can only use scrap to buy it.

Instant Crafting

On the Biweekly, all crafting is instant. On the Monthly server, it’s vanilla crafting speed. The advantage to this on the Monthly server is that you can use the Skill Tree perks to alter the crafting speed.


Non-linked players on both servers only get 2 rows in their backpacks. Linked players get 5 rows in their backpacks on the Biweekly server and 7 rows on the Monthly server. VIP’s get 7 rows on the Biweekly server. Backpacks are wiped every map change.

Base Utility

The Base Utility plugin allows players to select a building skin for their base blocks, allows them to upgrade their base and repair their base, all from their TC. Only VIP players can do this on the Biweekly server. All linked players can do this on the Monthly server.

Maps and wipes

We wipe the Biweekly server on the first and third Thursdays of each month. When there are 5 Thursdays, we also wipe on the fifth Thursday. BP’s wipe on the first Thursday and Skill Tree wipes on the third Thursday. Nothing other than the map wipes on the fifth Thursday. BP’s and Skill tree are wiped on the first Thursday on the Monthly server.

The Biweekly server typically runs procedurally generated maps, most of the time with some customization. On occasion, a custom map will be run. The Monthly server runs smaller custom maps.


The Biweekly server is designed to be our flagship Rust server. It’s generally easier to play on and allows for faster progression and building. The Monthly server is configured to be a slower pace, closer to vanilla experience.