Base Repair/Auto Base Upgrade/BGrade

This page will explain three plugins, as they all have to do with base building.

Base Repair

Base Repair allows a player to repair their entire base by hitting a wall with a hammer after typing the /br command to toggle on this mode. The base will repair itself until it’s finished or there’s not enough resources in the TC to repair. This feature is particularly helpful if you find your base damaged by NPC’s.

Auto Base Upgrade

The Auto Base Upgrade plugin lets you upgrade your entire base from your TC. This option is ONLY available to VIP players. There will be a button in your TC UI that says Upgrade. First, select the materials you want to upgrade to by clicking on the resource icon. Clicking on it cycles through the materials. Once you’ve got the right level selected, click on Upgrade. Your base will slowly upgrade until it is done or there are no more resources in your TC to upgrade with.

The image below shows the Upgrade button. The Repair All button is not part of this plugin.


BGrade lets you automatically place building parts at a certain level, for example, while placing foundations, you can have it automatically place stone foundations.

To do this, you issue the command /bgrade 1/2/3/4. Each number represents a level:

  1. Wood
  2. Stone
  3. Metal
  4. Armor

ie: /bgrade 3 would allow you to build Metal parts.

You must have enough wood plus the materials to upgrade to in order to upgrade automatically while building. So, to build stone foundations, you would need both wood and stone in your inventory.