Mid May 2023 Server Update

Here we are again, another mid-month update! On Thursday, May 18th, the server will wipe. Since it’s the third Thursday, Skill Tree will wipe and BP will remain. As always, your coins and spawnable vehicles will not be wiped.

I conducted a poll on Discord this month to vote on the next map and Oregon: Land of the Dead won the vote. This is a really nice custom map with many custom monuments and many of the standard Facepunch monuments. Be warned that many of the custom monuments have custom NPC’s with firearms as well as Scarecrow and zombies NPC’s. If you’d like to read more about the map, go to the Oregon: Land of the Dead page. Due to the number of custom NPC’s on the map, BotReSpawn will be removed for this wipe. Other than that, no changes are planned.

The server will go offline around 1pm EST on Thursday so I can prep the server. If the server is online prior to 2pm EST, it will be whitelisted and you will not be able to join. I will announce in Discord when it is ready.