May 2023 Rust Update

Happy May! For those of you in the northern hemisphere, that means that SPRING IS HERE! For those of you in the south, well.. It’s autumn so yeah… in any case, Facepunch is preparing to release their monthly Rust update on May 4th. This month seems to have a lot of changes that will very likely affect a great number of plugins on our server. I will do my best to be on the server after the wipe to address issues and update plugins as they come out. Please be prepared for issues on wipe day.

This month, Facepunch is adding the nuclear missile silo monument. It’s a major monument with scientists and loot including keycard puzzles. It’s very possible that this event will be linked with an end-of-wipe event such as a large nuclear explosion killing everyone and destroying everything. If this is what we’re getting, you can expect this event to run at 1pm EST on all wipe days except for third wipe on months with 5 Thursdays.

The map this month will be an unmodified procedurally generated map. I won’t be doing any edits because of the possibility of the missile silo being updated, which would require me to put any customizations on the map again. The good thing about this is better performance (in theory) than maps that are customized.

I have no plans to make any significant changes to configurations or plugins for this wipe. I’ll continue to rotate the events as needed. I don’t have anything else to add so I’ll see everyone on the server at 2pm EST on Thursday!