February 2023 News

Hello everyone and welcome to the February 2023 Rusty Old Gamers news! This is the first time I’m using the website to publish our news. It’s a better platform for one way communications with the community, as it gives me more flexibility in my post than Discord does.

The next wipe/Rust update is Thursday February 2nd at 2pm EST. Facepunch will release a patch at that time. This patch is expected to be a big one, which introduces new features. It is very likely that some plugins will have some issues when the patch comes out. I will try to be on as much as possible after the wipe to keep up on any issues.

The map for this wipe is Gravis Island (https://lone.design/product/gravis-island/). This map was featured in the official Rust Community Blog and hosted on many official Rust servers. It’s on the small size, being only 3700km compared to the normal 4800 – 5000 km map we usually run. It has an assortment of custom monuments along with the standard Rust monuments.

I am not planning anything game changing this wipe. The events will be decided the day of the wipe. The only thing of significance that will change is the wiping of blue prints and skill tree XP. This wipe we’ll wipe blue prints on February 2nd and on February 16th, we’ll wipe Skill Tree XP. From that point forward, we’ll continue that alternating wipe schedule. This way, both will still wipe monthly, just at different times.

I am continuously working on updating the website, adding new guides for our plugin as time allows. If you have any plugin you’d specifically like to see featured, please send me a message. That’s it for now! See you on Gravis Island!