Base Utility/Building Skins/Base Grades

This guide covers three different plugins that are all linked together.

Base Utility

This plugin plugin provides two features. First is a Base Upgrade function. By opening the TC, you will see an Upgrade button. Click on it and choose what you want to upgrade your entire base to. The resources are taken directly from your TC. If you click on the Skin button, you can choose a default skin that will be applied when you upgrade your base.

Building Skins

This plugin integrates with the Base Utility plugin as shown above. It also allows a player to upgrade any base parts to any of the DLC building skins by using the hammer. Just equip the hammer, right click while looking at the base part to upgrade and use the Q and E keys to select the building skin you want to use.

Base Grades

Base Grades lets you automatically place building parts at a certain level, for example, while placing foundations, you can have it automatically place stone foundations.

To do this, you issue the command /bgrade 1/2/3/4. Each number represents a level:

  1. Wood
  2. Stone
  3. Metal
  4. Armor

ie: /bgrade 3 would allow you to build Metal parts.

You must have enough wood plus the materials to upgrade to in order to upgrade automatically while building. So, to build stone foundations, you would need both wood and stone in your inventory.

Bog Water Fortress

The Bog Water Fortress is an old fort protected by NPC’s. Loot is behind doors requiring a red key card.

Go to the second floor and find the on/off switch. Turn it on and then swipe the red card in the box next to it. The doors downstairs will open!

Item Perks

Item Perks is a plugin that enhances everyday weapons, tools and armor with over 50 different types of perks.

Items with perks can be obtained a variety of ways, including:

  • Finding them randomly in crates or barrels during your morning scrap farm.
  • Randomly crafting an enhanced version of your equipment while you roof camp noobs from your base.
  • Recycling enhanced equipment and finding enhancement kits stuck in the teeth of the recycler.

How to use an enhancement kit:

Once you find an enhancement kit, you can go to a workbench and click on the button to enhance an item.

Next, choose which enhancement kit you want to use.

After that, you’ll select which item you want to enhance. Items can receive several enhancements if you have multiple enhancement kits.

The next page will give you a rundown of what the enhancement will provide. You can decide if you want to confirm or reset your choice.

Once you press the Confirm button, your item is enhanced. Wear or equp the item to see the bonuses provided by clicking on the icon to the left of the hotbar..

Community Update August 2nd, 2023!

Hey everyone! It’s the first Wednesday in August so you know what that means!? Yesterday was Tuesday!! Tomorrow will be the monthly Rust game update. This update will bring about changes, as always. There’s supposedly a new skin for stone buildings. I expect the Building Skins plugin will be updated for that. Talking about plugins updates, there seems to be a lot of changes internally to Rust that may affect plugins, so be ready for a crazy storm of broken plugins upon logging in after wipe. What a time to be alive!

The map for August is a procedurally generated maps with edits. As always, the public heli tower is there. I’ve also got some other cool stuff like the Cobalt Police station, guarded by scientists inside and out. There’s a few new custom monuments added too. Crazy Bob the Prepper is back as well! You can see much of the custom stuff in the Update Preview chanel in Discord.

I’m going to break with the normal format of our biweekly update to talk about our “other” game, DayZ! In case you’ve been living under a rock, or in a tug boat, I’ve had a DayZ server running for a few months. It’s experienced some minor success with a small player base growing. I recently decided I’m going to revamp that server with the Expansion mod and a few others. I expect to have this up and running by Friday or Saturday, pending any issues. If you haven’t played DayZ, consider buying it. It’s a much more hardcore survival experience than Rust and the map that we run, Namalsk, is particularly brutal with cold weather and storms. See the DayZ channels in Discord for more information and updates.

As always, the events to be run for the next 2 weeks will be determined on wipe day. That’s all I have for now! See you online!