September 7th Rust update!

The Rust update is upon us! On Thursday, September 7th, at 2pm EST, Facepunch will release another Rust update. This update has lots of cool new features, which you can read about elsewhere because this post is about the ROG server!

First and foremost, shit’s gonna break! There have been changes to Rust that require plugin devs update their plugins. I will do my best to track the plugins that need updating. Some features simply may not be available on wipe day because of this. Please check Discord periodically for updates!

The server will be taken offline around 1pm on Thursday so that I can prepare the server. I already have several plugins that have available updates that need to be applied. Once the server update and Oxide update is released, the server will be put back online. If you see it online prior to any announcement, it will be secured with a whitelist and you will be unable to spawn in.

This wipe’s map is an edited procedurally generated map. It contains some custom things like the Cobalt HQ, a police station and a combined Outpost and Bandit Camp! There’s no Bandit Camp on the map because of this combination but all vendors are available. There’s also a water based safezone with fishing stuff and some vending machines for other items. 

I’ve reworked the zombies as well. At the gas stations and supermarkets, you’ll find the lower end zombies with melee weapons only. These zombies also have less health than the other zombies. Some may be carrying smoke and/or flash grenades. At the other monuments, you’ll find the more challenging zombies. Some even carry pipe shotguns or bows and arrows. At Satellite and Power Plant, there are NPC’s with pistols. The Satellite NPC’s are wearing space suits and the Power Plant NPC’s are wearing hazmat suits.

So that’s it from this side of things! Have a fun wipe!