March 29th, 1 week wipe update

Hello everyone! This is the news post for our 1 week wipe! In any month that we have 5 Thursdays, we wipe for 1 week on the 5th Thurday. This wipe will last from March 30th to April 6th. Neither BP’s nor Skill Tree XP will wipe, so get those BP’s unlocked before the wipe!

I am still waiting to hear about something that I may need to do tomorrow that could prevent the wipe from being at 2pm, as it usually is. If I am going to be busy at that time, I will strive to wipe the server by 9am. The exact time will be confirmed as soon as I know if I’m going to be busy in the afternoon.

We will be running a custom map as determined by voting in the map voting channel of Discord. The map will be Synecdoche ( This map was up against Pokie Island and won. Pokie Island will be run during our 1 week wipe June 29th to July 6th. 

Our events will be rotated out but that list is yet to be determined. I don’t expect any big changes and as this isn’t a wipe where Rust updates, I don’t expect any real problems. That’s all I have for you! There will be another update in a week, just before the Rust update/wipe!

March 16th 2023 server update!

Welp, here we are! Another Third Thursday wipe! As always, the server will wipe at 2pm EST with the server going offline around 1pm so I can prep it. 

We’ll be running another customized procedurally generated map this wipe. If you’ve been watching the Map Update Preview channel in Discord, you’ve seen some of what is to come. There’s some of the old monuments I’ve used before and some new ones. For example, we will have the Airshop Docks. This consists of a dock for airships as well as several airships waiting to dock. These airships have scientists, loot and keycard puzzles. You can think of it as an event that is always running. The Temple of the Pookie is also a new one, sort of. This temple was on the server many months ago but it was not the Temple of the Pookie. There’s NPC’s and loot to find here, and of course a chance to worship the mighty Pookie God. The Cobalt PD is making an appearance again this wipe but instead of a Bradley guarding it, there will be police NPC’s! Lastly, there’s a second public heli tower on the map, but this one is in the ocean. When you shoot down the heli, NPC’s won’t parachute out. The wreckage of the heli and it’s loot will sink to the ocean floor. I recommend bringing a sub and diving gear to get it!

This wipe the Skill Tree XP will wipe and the BP’s will remain until the first Thursday of April. This month is also a 5 Thursday month, so the last week of the month will be a special 1 week wipe with a special map, but more on that when the time comes. Our events for this wipe will include Arctic, Airfield, Armored Train, Cobalt Lab and Heli Refuel. It is possible others might be added, but I will decide that as I’m setting up the server.

I hope everyone enjoys the new map. It should be a good wipe, as there’s no Rust update until the first Thursday of April, so it’s unlikely anything will get jacked up this wipe. I’ll see you on the server!

Sign Manager

Provides a UI for signs so that players can save and restore up to 25 designs. The command for the UI is
/sm. This allows you to rapidly deploy new signs/pictures all over your base!

Step 1: Deploy a sign and use the /sil command to paste the picture or draw a picture.

Step 2: Type /sm and click on Save Image.

Now when you have a new sign, you can open the Sign Manager plugin with /sm, find the picture you want to use and click on “Set”.

Medical Items

The Medical Items plugin adds two items to the game: A Defib and a Medical Box. Both can be found in loot boxes in the world. In order to craft these items, you must first find one, then research it at a Research Bench. When you open a T2 or T3 workbench, you will see a new button that says “Medical Items”. That’s where the crafting menu is for these two items.

The defibrillator can do 2 things:

  • Recover a player from a wounded state immediately, with a risk of the defibrillator breaking (default: 10% chance), removing any bleeding effects that the target has and bringing them back on 10hp.
  • Resurrect a dead player, spawning them back at the position of their body, but breaking the defibrillator. The player spawns a “new” body, and must still loot their items.

The medical box is a deployable, reskinned, wooden box that heals any player within x metres for x amount of health per every x seconds, x amount of times.

For example, using the default values, the box will heal any player within 5m for 20 health every 3 seconds, for a maximum of 10 times.

March 3rd Update

Wipe day is upon us! Today is the first Thursday of the month, so that means that Facepunch will be releasing an update to Rust, which is sure to break things. RF detonated C4 and drones are here! What a time to be alive! A breakdown of what to expect can be found on the Rusticated website ( I fully expect plugins not to work and general shenanigans to be present due to the wipe. I will do my base to be around to squash any bugs that I find and to update plugins as they are released. 

This wipe, we’ll be running the following events: Convoy, Harbor, Space, Junkyard and Guarded Crate. The map will be a customized procedurally generated map, size 5000. If you’ve been checking out the Update Preview channel in Discord, you’ve already seen some of the stuff we’ve got on the server. I also double and triple checked the public heli tower to be sure the no-build zone is working.

As per the discussion in Discord, we’ll be adjusting the MLRS raid skill so that it can be used once every 10 minutes. I will be testing out a plugin that limits the number of horses you can own. This plugin will restrict those horses to 8. I will also be removing horses in the wild, as those can not be “owned” even if you put a code lock on one. This step is necessary because it’s been proved that having too many horses in one location can lag some players. Before I received my new computer, there was one base where my FPS would go into the single digits due to the number of horses. One more change I will be making is the disabling of the command to turn a player’s base into a raidable base out of fear of people griefing other players with it. Should a player wish to have their base converted to a raidable base, they will need to put in a support ticket to request it.

I believe that’s all the news for this wipe! Have fun!