March 3rd Update

Wipe day is upon us! Today is the first Thursday of the month, so that means that Facepunch will be releasing an update to Rust, which is sure to break things. RF detonated C4 and drones are here! What a time to be alive! A breakdown of what to expect can be found on the Rusticated website ( I fully expect plugins not to work and general shenanigans to be present due to the wipe. I will do my base to be around to squash any bugs that I find and to update plugins as they are released. 

This wipe, we’ll be running the following events: Convoy, Harbor, Space, Junkyard and Guarded Crate. The map will be a customized procedurally generated map, size 5000. If you’ve been checking out the Update Preview channel in Discord, you’ve already seen some of the stuff we’ve got on the server. I also double and triple checked the public heli tower to be sure the no-build zone is working.

As per the discussion in Discord, we’ll be adjusting the MLRS raid skill so that it can be used once every 10 minutes. I will be testing out a plugin that limits the number of horses you can own. This plugin will restrict those horses to 8. I will also be removing horses in the wild, as those can not be “owned” even if you put a code lock on one. This step is necessary because it’s been proved that having too many horses in one location can lag some players. Before I received my new computer, there was one base where my FPS would go into the single digits due to the number of horses. One more change I will be making is the disabling of the command to turn a player’s base into a raidable base out of fear of people griefing other players with it. Should a player wish to have their base converted to a raidable base, they will need to put in a support ticket to request it.

I believe that’s all the news for this wipe! Have fun!