June wipe news!

This month will bring some plugin updates. First off, we’ll be removing the Monument Lock plugin, which currently protects the oil rigs when players are on it and it’ll be replaced with Monument Owner. This plugin is much better and feature rich. Initially, it will protect only the oil rigs and cargo. With this plugin, non-owners of the monument will not be able to enter the bubble that will surround the monument. To become the monument owner, you must meet criteria that will be stated on your screen when entering the dome around the monument. This may be a certain amount of time inside the monument, unlocking a crate, etc. The map will show a green circle if the monument is unlocked, red if locked. A monument will unlock 120 seconds after the owner leaves and a player can only have 1 monument unlocked at once. Once you’ve locked a monument, you can not lock it again for 10 minutes. Eventually this will be expanded to include all of the major monuments. Right now there are conflicts with events spawning at monuments and the locking ability, so that’s why I’ve restricted it to those locations for now.

With this new plugin, the Personal Cargo Ship plugin will be removed. This is the plugin that allows you to type a command and get a cargo ship. The reason for that plugin was originally to prevent players from taking cargo when someone else is doing it. The Monument Owner plugin solves this issue. As Personal Cargo Ship is developed, I will reevaluate if it’s appropriate to add it again. That plugin has instanced cargo ships as a goal, so if that happens, it will likely be added back. With this change, I’m also reenabling regularly spawning cargo ships.

This wipe is a BP wipe so you still have 2 weeks until the skills are wiped. Now is the time to use your leftover scrap to respec your skills if needed. We’ll have a customized proc-gen map this wipe. I’ve added some nice custom monuments to the map and there’s custom buildable locations. The difference this time is that they are not marked on the map. You’ll need to discover them yourselves.

The plugins for this wipe will be non-monument specific and will include Convoy, Armored Train, Sputnik and one or two others. I am also planning on adding a brand new event that was just released yesterday that revolves around one of the gas stations. The exact events will be announced on wipe day.

Please remember that the server will be taken offline at 1pm EST on Thursday. You may see it online prior to the Rust update, but it will be protected by a whitelist. If you see a wipe notice prior to the Rust update, you can ignore it. I will announce when the server has been wiped and is ready to be played.

That’s all for this wipe. I hope everyone enjoys the map and the plugins. I’ll see you after the wipe!