April 6th Wipe Update

Here comes Cobalt Cotton Tail, hoppin’ down the Rusty trail!

Hello everyone! The first Thursday in April wipe is nigh! On Thursday, April 6th, at 2pm EST, Facepunch will release the latest Rust update and our server will wipe! For details on what’s coming up in the Rust update, go here: https://www.rustafied.com/.

The new map will be a customized proc gen map. Some of the customized stuff that will be on the server can be found in Discord, in the Update Preview channel. Included on the map this wipe, we’ll have the abandoned motel, featured previously on our server. This one is a little updated with a green card room and a little extra loot in there. Also on the map is the Military Station monument. There are NPC’s here to protect the loot. Out in the water you’ll find an underwater bunker. The Launch site has the missile silo you may have seen before. I’m sure the one that Facepunch is working on will much nicer, but for now we have this one. Be sure to bring key cards of every variety and some fuses. Oh, and bring guns and lots of ammo as well as radiation protection! Elsewhere on the map you’ll find a seaside fishing vendor for a little flavor. There may be additional things on the map but you’ll have to be surprised.

I think many players will be excited by this one. Starting this wipe, you will have the ability to call in a PERSONAL CARGO SHIP! You’ll find a “Harbor Master” at either harbor. Go to him, interact with him and pay 1000 scrap to buy the cargo ship. A portal will appear. You and your teammates can enter that portal and you will be teleported to the cargo ship. There will be a portal on the cargo ship that you can use to return to the harbor. The vanilla cargo ship will be disabled. Initially there will only be 1 level of cargo ship. Eventually I will add additional tiers that include more scientists and better loot. This is a plugin that is in active development. It will have new features added as time goes on. I am in the Discord server for the plugin dev and he’s working hard on this plugin.

As always, the server will be taken offline around 1pm EST on Thursday to allow me to wipe the server and set up the new map. If the server goes back up prior to 2pm EST, it will be whitelisted. A post will be made when it’s open to the public. I expect to be on the server at wipe to address the many issues that are sure to accompany a Rust update!