The American Old West server

We run a unique Rust server based on the Frontier: American Old West map. This is a modified version of the map, with new monuments and edits to existing monuments. No other community runs this map 24/7 and none of the edits that I’ve made! You’ll find the classic monuments such as the old Outpost, Governor’s Mansion and the Trainyard. I’ve also sprinkled in a few classic monuments including the Missile Silo, Abandoned Military Base and The Dome! There’s also an all new town called Franktown.

You start off by spawning at one of the many train stations on the map. Don’t want to walk? Wait a few minutes and a train will be by! It will stop for a few moments at the station before continuing! When you die, you spawn at another train station.

Have you looted some fuel? Well, there’s plenty of work carts that spawn at the dead end side tracks! Jump in, drop in some fuel and away you will go! Just watch out for the train that goes around the tracks. The engineer doesn’t like his path to be blocked!

There’s lots of neat locations on the map, such as the ancient ruins pictured to the left. There’s two major NPC hubs: The Prison and the Bandit Checkpoint. At both locations you’ll find well armed NPC’s that not only fight you, but they also fight with the zombies!

Some of the vanilla monuments have been reworked for the old west!




There are great adventures waiting for you on the RustyOG Old West server! The server wipes monthly and it has some differences from our main, biweekly server.

  • There is NO BASE DECAY except for twig. The 9 days for abandoned bases still applies.
  • Skill tree is replaced with the XPerience plugin
  • Instead of Epic Loot, we have Item Perks
  • There are no spawnable vehicles. If you want to travel, your choices are by foot, horse, hot air balloon or train!
  • There is no VIP on this server. Everyone gets access to certain perks that would be VIP on the main server including the base upgrade and 7 rows in your backpack
  • Instead of earning Economics coins, you earn Rewards Points (RP), which can be spent in the same fashion as the coins. They do not wipe when the server wipes.
  • The server wipes on the first Thursday of each month. BP’s and XPerience wipes on that day.

To join the server, search for RustyOG or open the F1 console and type connect

DayZ Livonia Server Inbound!

In the latest news release by Bohemia, they have announced when 1.25 is released, Livonia will be given to everyone that owns DayZ! Since our Namalsk server has not been doing well for a while, and because our revival of that server only extended the server’s life shortly, we have decided to switch to Livonia! When 1.25 is released, the server will be opened! Until then, the Namalsk server will continue to run.

Some of the key aspects of the server are listed below. Everything on this list is subject to change:

■ The server will be PVP: There will be no PVE zones. The risk of losing everything, and taking a chance with interacting with a stranger is what makes DayZ such a powerful game. This doesn’t mean we can’t be civil with each other though!
■ Slow/walking dead zombies: Don’t let their speed fool you! They are stronger than regular zombies and it takes more to kill them! At night they become more powerful!
■ The zombies are also more dangerous due to their sheer numbers!
■ Hiding inside is no longer safe! The zombies will break down unlocked doors to get at you. At night, their increased strength allows them to break down even locked doors!
■ Searchable containers and garbage piles: Check everything! You may be able to search it. Be careful at garbage piles though. The stench of the garbage can make you sick!
■ DayZ Expansion: We’re using DayZ Expansion but with less elements than Namalsk.
■ No traders or safezones: You won’t find any of these on Livonia.
■ Maps: You need a map in your inventory to open up the server’s map. There is no marker showing your position and there are no 3D markers.
■ If you want to mark a position on the map, you need to find a pen.
■ Spawn select: You have a limited number of places that you can select to spawn at.
■ Custom GUI: Not the default vanilla style markers.
■ Global chat is enabled: It’s important to help build a community.
■ Perishable food with CJ187’s fridges: Food can spoil if not prepared in certain ways. You can extend the life of the food by finding a fridge and powering it with a generator or battery. Learn more about the perishable food mod here.
■ Base Building Plus: Just like our Namalsk server, BBP is the way to build on the server!
■ Max parties of 4. Pretty self explanatory…
■ Extra items: Several mods that add new clothing, weapons, etc.

The priest zombies have the power of Christ… or maybe Satan? Don’t mess with them unless you are well armed. They will ruin your day.

We are currently testing the server and expect to go live when DayZ 1.25 is released. BI has indicated they will have a big announcement on May 20th, so we expect that 1.25 will be released shortly thereafter!

Remember, the server is a work in progress and configs may change. New things may be added! Keep an eye on Discord for the latest!