Building Skins

Plugin webpage:

The Building Skins plugin allows you to use the DLC Building Skins without owning the DLC’s. To use these skins, do the following:

Use the /bskin command to switch modes. This will open a window like the one to the left.

To update the skin for existing building blocks, you need to activate the skin and hit the block with a hammer. The block will be updated with the selected skin.

To change the skin for all buildings using the /bskin build or /bskin all command, you need to select a skin mode. Depending on the mode you choose, the skin will be updated.

Mid-July 2023 wipe news

Middle of July update! This coming Thursday, July 20th, is our next wipe. This wipe will occur earlier in the day than normal. I expect it to be done no later than 9am EST. Skill Tree XP will wipe and BP’s will remain, so get those BP’s unlocked now! 

A new version of the XDQuest plugin, aka the Quest Room at Outpost, will be installed. There’s a bunch new features with the plugin which is why I am waiting for the wipe, as the data file needs to be deleted. 

The map will be another procedurally generated map without modifications. The reason for this is because I will be in Florida on wipe day and a proc gen map is less likely to have issues that need to be resolved. I am looking at a custom map for the August wipe.

Any changes to the events will occur on wipe day. I do not currently know which events will be active. I’ll decide that while I’m updating the server.

So, as you can see, no ground breaking changes this wipe. Nice and easy to limit the possibility of problems. I don’t know if I’ll be on for wipe day but it’s unlikely. Enjoy the wipe!

First wipe of July 2023 update!

Happy July 4th to my American friends. Sorry for your loss to my British friends.

On Thursday, July 6th, we will get another Rust update from Facepunch. This one brings changes to the water, a new ferry terminal, a driveable ferry, a new DLC and a bunch of other things. Tldr; Shit’s gonna break on Thursday.

The wipe will occur at 2pm EST, when the patch is released by Facepunch. With the changes coming out with this patch, there’s a chance that plugins will break. I’ll keep an eye on everything and address any issues that pop up. The server will go offline at some point between 12pm and 1pm so I can prep the server.

The map will be a procedurally generated map without any customizations due to the changes to Rust and the new monument. This will reduce the chances of issues that could arise from using a custom map or an edited proc gen map.

The mid-July wipe scheduled for July 20th will most likely occur on July 19, in the late evening EST. I’m leaving for Florida early in the morning on July 19th and will be trying to drive as far as I can before stopping for the night. Since I’ll be on the road at 2pm on the 20th, I’m planning on doing the wipe when I’m at my hotel on the 19th. Should this change, I’ll post at the time. 

That’s all we’ve got. See you all on Thursday!