Scum Server

Server IP:

Our Scum server is hosted with Ping Perfect in their New York City datacenter. It’s is 100% PVE with the following features:

  • First and Third person enabled
  • Fame multiplier of 1.5
  • Wild puppets disabled
  • Sentries disabled
  • Drones disabled
  • Extended daylight – The sun sets from 11pm to 5am
  • Hordes disabled
  • Player to player damage disabled
  • Base damage disabled
  • Item and food decay is halved
  • Skills multiplier of 1.5

Server bot

We use the Prisoner Bot system. This is a bot that is always on the server, monitoring it and performing certain functions. All players can claim a one time Welcome Pack that consists of a few minor items that help you get off the ground. It’s nothing game changing and only gives you a little starting push. When you claim your welcome pack using the commands in Discord, your Discord and Steam accounts are linked. From then on, you earn Discord coins when you play. These coins can be used to buy additional packs on Discord for use in-game or they can be transferred to your Scum money balance. This encourages players to periodically visit Discord.

Your administration team

The Scum server is administered by Zed and PurpleSmokez.