June 29th update!

Hey everyone, it’s a third server update for June! Since there’s 5 Thursdays this month, we’ll have our 1 week wipe from 6/29 to 7/6. Since it’s the third wipe, there will be no wiping of BP’s or Skill Tree XP. The map will be an unedited procedurally generated map. We’re not running a custom map or customized proc gen due to our change to Carbon.

What is Carbon? I’m glad you asked! Until now, we’ve used Oxide with our server. Oxide is a framework used to run the plugins we have on the server. Carbon is a newer framework that touts better performance as well as some built in features that eliminates the need for some of the plugins we’ve been using. In theory, this should allow me to increase the maximum slots again and to potentially add features to the server that might otherwise cause too much of a load on the server.The tradeoff is that some plugins will not work but these are relatively minor plugins that aren’t essential.

I will be taking the server offline around 12pm EST on Thursday. I need time to ensure that everything is set up properly when I do the switch over. I need to transfer data and configs as the server files will be an actual new installation configured on the same port as the current server.

Monument Owner is back for this wipe. It’s a new version that hopefully resolves some issues we’ve had in the past. I plan to enable the zones on most of the monuments. I’ll keep an eye on the locking of the monuments and how it affects the players. Hopefully we won’t have any issues, but if one arises, please use the /staff command to see me or any of the moderators are online. If not, put in a support ticket on Discord.

If you’ve been watching the server updates, you’ll know this, but I’ll reiterate it. I will only be running events from now on that use the PVE Mode plugin. This plugin is responsible for locking events to the first player/team that meets a certain requirement and locks out players not on that team. This is necessary as we’ve had some incidents recently where people couldn’t play nice at events that didn’t lock. This includes the Airfield Drops, Cobalt Labs and Crashed Plane. I’m sure there’s a few more that I’ve run in the past as well.

That’s it for this update. I hope to see everyone on the server!

Junkyard Event

The event begins with a notification in the chat that soon scavengers will arrive at Junkyard. Next, NPCs appear in the location. A message appears that the scavengers hid a signal grenade in one of the broken cars at the landfill to call for supplies. The player needs to kill all the NPCs and find the rusted car in which the grenade is hidden.

In order to find and activate the signal grenade, use a crane to load rusted cars into a shredder for recycling, it’s bound to be in one of them! The player needs to recycle the rusted cars one by one until he finds the one in which the signal grenade is located in!

After the player recycles the broken car, a plane will fly to the Junkyard location, on board of which there will be a truck with supplies. The plane will drop this truck and it will land in Junkyard via parachute. Once it lands, guards will come out of the truck and guard it. But the truck is closed, it cannot be opened. The player needs to kill these guards to get access to the truck. In order for the player to get access to the crates and the loot within, they need to recycle the truck by using the crane and placing it into the shredder! Next, the crates will travel along the conveyor belt of the shredder and the player will be able to open them.

Mid-June 2023 Server Update

Tomorrow, Thursday, June 15th, we have our middle of the month wipe. Blueprints will not wipe, but skill tree XP will wipe. We’ll have a new map, another customized proc gen map. You may have already seen some of the screenshots from the Map Update Preview channel in Discord. For those that have been around for a while, you will be happy to know that our favorite off-his-rocker prepper, Crazy Bob will return with his bunker. His bunker won’t be marked, but if you find him, kill him and you can access his bunker of loot!

At the harbors, you’ll find some new barges floating. These give more loot opportunities while changing things up a little. The Launch site has some nefarious experiments going on inside and it seems that the Cobalt company is bringing some odd equipment into the airfield as well. As you drive around the map, you may encounter new roadside monuments as well.

There’s a cargo ship stuck in the ice. Scientists are keeping it safe until the spring thaw. The bridge is protected by a blue card puzzle. There’s lots of loot to be gotten so go check it out! There’s a motel in the desert with a green card door on the motel office. That must be where they keep the good stuff. In the winter biome, you’ll find a Christmas house. Nothing too special there, just some loot and holiday cheer.

Our events will be determined while I’m updating the server. The wipe will take place at 4pm EST, two hours later than normal due to an appointment I have. Once I’m home and ready to work, I’ll stop the server and do the update. Once it’s ready, it’ll be online for all to play, even if it’s before 4pm. As of this writing, I have no plans to introduce anything new and revolutionary to the server.

An important note: This month has FIVE Thursdays. That means that we’ll be having a 1 week wipe from June 29th to July 6th. No BP’s or Skill XP will be wiped for that one week. I will choose a custom map to be run during that time. I will be traveling in July during our mid-month wipe, so that wipe may be delayed or even done a day late but that’ll be addressed when it gets closer.

That’s it for this update! See on the server!

Luftwaffe Zeppelin

– Luftwaffe Zeppelin

  • Zeppelin set in the Luftwaffe of Germany in World War II.

– Includes:

  • Luftwaffe logo and flag.
  • Parkour, puzzles, NPC, Loots.

The Luftwaffe Zeppelin was a remarkable aircraft developed by the German air force during World War II. It was the first rigid airship ever to be constructed, and it was known for its impressive size and striking visual appeal. The Zeppelin was built using a lightweight aluminium frame, which was covered with strong and durable fabric. Inside the airship, gas cells filled with hydrogen were used to provide lift.

In this rust version, you will find an enterable Zeppelin with lots of rooms to explore and loot to collect.