Cobalt Police Department

The Cobalt Police Department is a monument that might be on a custom proc gen map. A Greenroom, Blueroom and double Redroom Monument gives the Player a new Puzzle to explore in Rust. Combined with a Codelock Puzzle its not like “swipe card and run” – they need to run, they need to explore, find hidden switches and rooms and finally get to the Boss Room of “Project K4H0s”.

Here is a video by the dev of the monument:

A walkthrough by one of our members, Missy Krissy:

Mid-February 2023 News

Hello everyone and WELCOME to the mid-February 2023 wipe! Today we’ll be wiping the server at 2pm EDT. Included in this wipe is the Skill Tree XP. The BP’s won’t wipe until the first Thursday of March and that cycle will continue from now on.

The new map is a customized procedurally generated map, size 4500, with all of the standard monuments along with some custom ones. If you’ve been watching the map update preview channel in Discord, you’ve already seen some of those monuments! Our events will include some old favorites and some new ones. These events will be listed prior to the wipe. We may have some additional plugins added to the server.

I plan on creating a new player hub on the server this wipe. It will be a place relatively close to most spawns that will have everything a new player needs; workbenches, recyclers, furnaces, etc. It will also have a hotel where players can rent a room for 5 scrap per night. Each room will have a bed and a box to store personal items in. To renew your stay, you’ll go to the hotel clerk NPC in the lobby. If you outstay your welcome, any loot you’ve stored away in there will go bye-bye so make sure you pay for your room or get your stuff out.

There’s not much else going on for this wipe. The next Rust update isn’t for 2 more weeks so this should be a relatively easy one for us.